Saturdays in the City


A lot of our saturday mornings start out the same. Poppy wakes up sometime between 6 and 7am and comes into our bed (if she didn't make it there throughout the night). After some cuddling and trying to get her back to sleep, she usually climbs onto Tyler's side of the bed and asks in her sweetest voice ever - 'Daddy? Watch Daniel? Please dada?' And usually Tyler complies. Once the familiar sound of Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood is in the air, Soren wakes up too and settles into bed with us. The two will watch quietly as we try to catch up on sleep, or I'll quickly hop into the shower. 

A little while later we're usually hungry - and by 'we' I mean myself, Soren and Poppy. Tyler is one of those people who never seems to be hungry in the mornings, or perhaps he values sleep. The image of a hot cup of coffee always motivates me out of bed, even though a few more minutes snuggled up under the covers would be lovely. Maybe one day - mothers day? - I'll get coffee in bed and then I can have both. For now - I'll take coffee over sleep.

The three of us enjoy breakfast together - usually something small and easy, like cereal. I read the paper - Saturday is the only day I actually open it, but can you believe it costs less to get a weekly subscription as compared to saturday only? It seems like such a waste... maybe I can figure out a way to donate my monday - friday papers. The kids will start playing, or I'll put on some sort of saturday morning cartoons for them. 

Around 8:30 or 9:00 I usually start getting anxious to plan our day. I'm eager to get dressed and get out of the house... either to get groceries, go for a walk, or try out a new coffee shop. Winnipeg's coffee scene has exploded recently - and I'm barely able to keep up with all the new places opening up. This past saturday we went down to the exchange district to check out forth  - a relatively new coffee shop that is located in the most gorgeous space. It is also home to Dogwood Coffee Co., a new coffee roastery, and I believe the future home of an art gallery or lounge. It really is stunning - and the coffee was great too. 

Over coffee we talked about our potential move... which is something we've been considering lately. There have not been a lot of houses available in our preferred neighbourhoods, which has had us tossing back and forth the idea of moving to the suburbs. Spending a few hours in the exchange district had me completely rethinking that one, not that it needed too much rethinking. There is so much energy and history in established neighbourhoods... I don't think we are ready to give that up. It may be a long house-hunting process, but I think we should take our time and wait for something that really feels right for us. 

And yes - Poppy has no coat on. She's been very much opposed to it lately, and our thought process of 'let's let her go outside for a second and learn for herself' has not been working. Ha. Poppy one, mommy zero.

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