Letting your hair down


Oh my goodness... Poppy's insane hair just had to be documented. This is what happens after a day of wearing a topknot, as I'm sure most women can relate to. Midway through dinner she told me 'my hair hurt!' and out came the elastics. We seriously could not stop laughing at her, and to top off her 'look' she was sporting a pink kitty face. Fashion at it's finest!

Lately I've been just terrible when it comes to meal planning... like a total 0 out of 10. Tyler has pretty much taken over dinners completely, while I manage to keep my mom status by throwing together sandwiches for lunches, and oatmeal for breakfast. Saturday night rolled around, and we were both pretty exhausted due to Soren being up sick the night before. We stopped at our go-to take out place, and it was closed! Different hours for Easter, I suppose. Luckily the tiny pizza place at the end of our street was open, and we managed to snag the last table. 

If you are in Winnipeg you should try Vera's Pizzeria - they have excellent oven-fired pizzas, salads, and meatballs. We went a few weeks back with our friend Mike who wrote a great review including how Poppy devoured the panna cotta for dessert. Yum.

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