Egg Hunting


The kids have been excited about egg hunting at shelmerdine's for weeks now. We've never been before, but do frequent their beautiful green house on days when the weather is too cold to be outside. Walking through a green house is so calming and refreshing, and since we still have snow on the ground, this seemed like a perfect place to have an easter egg hunt.

Sadly, poor Soren was up sick for most of the night before, so I wasn't sure he would be up for it. After barely sleeping and not eating, he insisted he was feeling 'much better' and wanted to go. That easter bunny must hold some magical powers, because as soon as he gave Soren a hug it was like he was instantly cured. He perked right up and asked if he could eat some popcorn. Maybe not my first choice of something to settle my stomach... but it did the trick for him.

Shelmerdines always has great events - we go every year to see their magical santa display - but this was our first easter event. It was really well organized and fun, from the older kids helping out, to the chocolate fountain, to the face painting, and to the egg hunt of course! We'll definitely be putting it on our calendars for years to come. And while the easter bunny may have been a hit for Soren, Poppy was less than amused. 'Me not like dat bunny, mama', was what she told me, and would freeze up anytime he was in her sight. Mascots / people in costumes have never been her thing.

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Carlee said...

Looks like fun!!