Grapefruits for breakfast


We are in the desert! Last week we flew away from the snow and the cold, and three hours later arrived in beautiful Palm Springs. Well, Rancho Mirage, to be exact. While we unfortunately had a little delay in Winnipeg, all was forgotten when we walked off the airplane and into the sun. One of the first things we did upon arriving at my grandparents house was pick grapefruits. The kids were super excited to try and pull them down, and talked excitedly about drinking fresh juice.

The picking proved more fun than the drinking - at least for them. I have been enjoying freshly squeezed grapefruit juice every morning, and let me tell you, it is deeelicious! (in the words of Daniel Tiger... ) The grapefruits are literally the size of Soren's head, and are in abundance on the 'kids' patio. We are so spoiled here - Tyler and I have our own room, complete with ensuite and patio, and the kids have theirs. They have been sharing a king size bed, which proves for some entertaining early morning eavesdropping. "Pops! Guess what?!" That kid has some crazy stories.

If you follow me on instagram you'll see that we have been busy taking advantage of Southern California. There is a heat wave going on right now (yay!) and we've been keeping cool in the pool and at the beach. I'll post more updates soon, tomorrow is our last day in paradise before we head home to reality.

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