Winter Sun


Winter is not really my favourite season, although I do enjoy aspects of all the seasons. I like winter, but the problem with living in Winnipeg is that it sometimes lasts for half the year. This year, however, we have had an exceptionally warm winter and it's been fantastic. You'll note the open water on the river... this is totally not typical! In fact, the famous Winnipeg restaurant Raw Almond has had to change locations as clearly they cannot set up on the river.

While skating conditions may be less than optimal, we are enjoying some winter walks in the sunshine. Yesterday we went to the forks and I got a work-out in, pulling nearly eighty pounds behind me! The littles were happy to sit and relax, Poppy pointing out the 'choochoos', and then Soren finally gave me a break and took the sleigh:)

We warmed up inside with some hot chocolate and coffees from tall grass bakery. I wasn't even that disappointed to have to miss out on a cinnamon bun due to my second attempt at the whole 30. Tyler searched around and found me a potato salad that was this close to being 100% compliant. And guess what, a tiny bit of honey mustard is not going to kill me, or the diet. That's my attitude towards it this second time around - I'm trying to loosely follow the plan, but not get totally hung up on every last thing. I enjoyed a glass of red wine at New Years dinner, and plan to again when we celebrate Tyler's birthday this week. The verdict is still out on whether or not I have a piece of cake, I think it'll depend on how good it looks.

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