My modified Whole 30 and why I'm liking it a lot better


I am almost halfway through my second whole 30, which is not something I ever thought I would say! I tried it last may, and while I rigidly stuck to the diet, I completely hated it. Seriously, there was a point during that month where I was googling 'whole 30 depression'. It was not fun.

Buuuut... here we are again, so what changed my mind? For starters, I saw some good results after the first attempt. I lost about eight pounds, and more importantly I saw some pretty good changes in my body shape. My energy levels were a lot more consistent - no sugar highs - and I was proud of myself for sticking with something that was really difficult for me. 

After over-indulging over the holidays - hello chocolate dipped skor cookies - I wanted to get back on track, health wise. I know I eat too much sugar, and for me, the easiest way to cut something out is to remove it entirely. I don't do well with 'cutting back'. Those little treats and sneaky office chocolates always find a way into my mouth. 

The main reason for trying the whole 30 again was to cut my sugar consumption, feel healthier, and lose a few pounds. On the official whole 30 you are not allowed dairy, grains of any sort, sugar, legumes, alcohol, and the list goes on. You can eat fruits, veggies, and meats and fish. 

My whole 30 looks kind of like this: 
- no sugar
- limited dairy (only allowing myself milk in coffee - no cheese, no yogurt, no creams)
- no gluten / limited other grains - for me, I really only overindulge in gluten. Bread, crackers, baking... I'm sure I normally eat some form of gluten with every meal. I had a small side of rice with a veggie/turkey stirfry tonight, but I think that may be the only other grain I've eaten so far. (I say so far, because I am eagerly planning to bake these tomorrow. Is almond flour a grain? Maybe not - but I know it's not in the true spirit of the whole 30.)
- legumes are ok
- the occasional glass of wine is allowed

Does it sound like I'm 'cheating' a lot? It sort of feels like it when I write it all out, but for me, this diet is not easy. Yes - it's great to eat tons of fruits and veggies - but saying no to a croissant with my coffee on saturday morning is tough! But it is possible, and I think that's why this round is going so much better. I don't feel miserable, and while looking forward to the end, I feel like I could make some of these changes a more permanent part of diet.

At the risk of this becoming a very long (boring) blog post, I'm going to jot down a few of my meal choices. Feel free to quit if I'm boring you to death!

breakfasts: - scrambled eggs with sweet potatoes, onions, and avocado
                  - big berry & banana bowl, topped with chia seeds
                  - grapefruit and a hard boiled egg

lunches: - African peanut stew - from my favourite oh she glows cookbook
              - cucumber chicken 'bruschettas'. I topped slices of cucumber with leftover chicken and an olive tapenade
              - chopped salad with lots of veggies, hardboiled egg, and oil and vinegar dressing
              - Southwest sweet potato soup (no croutons or sour cream)

dinners: - roasted chicken, squash, and green beans (Tyler picked all of this up at the grocery store the other day, and we had a full meal on the table by 5:30. Easy is sometimes EXACTLY what you need after a long day.)
              - turkey chili - omit the beans if you want, and I always add whatever vegetables are on hand
              - steak and sweet potato fries

snacks: - fruit, raw veggies, trail mix, nuts, dried mangos (no added sugar), dates, apple slices with cinnamon, smoothies with unsweetened almond milk and hemp hearts, guacamole with anything and everything - sometimes I slice a hard boiled egg in half and slather it with gauc, then top with hot sauce. Yum, yum, yum. 

I've been enjoying looking through some new cookbooks, and getting lots of inspiration from pinterest, but I'm always looking for new recipes. If you've got any that fit my "modified" plan - send em my way!


Unknown said...

You sound just like me! I completed a whole 30 with zero cheating and I hated my life the whole time. I plan to do a modified round similar to yours. I have been backsliding to wear I was before whole 30 and I do not to go back to my bloated self. So I will attempt this yet again, but with modifications like you so I don't hate my life!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about doing a modified whole 3 that follows similar rules as yours. I am trying to lose the last bit of stubborn weight before my wedding in September. I am curious with your modified whole 30 if you still lost weight like the first time you did it? Thanks!

Monique Loupe said...

I'm slowly eliminating things from my diet. For the past 10 days, I saved the remaining artificial sweeteners, dairy products, and processed foods I had for when I thought I would die from hunger without them, then I didn't buy anymore. I've removed all sugar unless it's in a seasoning; a dried sriracha & black pepper mix has a teeny tiny bit of sugar, so I don't worry about it. We split a creme brulee at dinner last week. I was walking through the grocery yesterday on day 10 which, I just found out today, is supposed to be the hardest day. I almost tore open a bar of chocolate in the middle of the aisle, but a little voice said, "Find the compliant Larabars..." So I tore open a box of those, ate one, and that held me over enough to buy some dried fruit without sugar for dessert later. The lady behind me is probably still laughing at me. So that's where I am now. I'll see where I am in 10 more days :)