How to get your kids to potty-train themselves


Time to celebrate.. I have NO kids in diapers right now!! Or maybe it's time to have another baby... winkwink:) It's official though, Poppy is now fully potty trained, and she pretty much owes all the credit to herself.

Back in the summer, Poppy was around 21 months and we tried to potty-train her. We did the usual introduce the potty, give her a smartie if she used it, buy new underwear and just generally tried to make it fun. She was interested and capable, and seemed to pick it up without much of an issue. In fact, I may have jumped the gun and written a post about how easy it was. And then, cue music, we went on a major road trip. It went out the window. She went straight back to using diapers and absolutely refused to use any potty or toilet.

So what did we do? Nothing. We continued to offer smartie rewards if she used the potty, which happened maybe once per week. And then, early in December, I arrived at our daycare lady's house one afternoon to pick up Poppy. During the day, she had all of a sudden announced that she had to go to the bathroom. The daycare lady was confused - she'd been casually mentioning the potty for months and getting absolutely no interest from Poppy. And on this day, she had just dressed her up in her snowsuit to play outside. However, Poppy insisted, so she helped her get undressed and took her to the bathroom. She went. A couple hours later, she announced that she had to go again.

And that was that! Unfortunately, this all happened on a thursday, and Tyler and I were leaving to go to Lake Louise on saturday morning. We were a little nervous of how a toddler with two days of potty-training under her belt would do at a new house for four days. We needn't have worried. She was completely fine, and stopped announcing when she needed to go and just takes herself. No problems with taking her clothes on and off by herself, washing her hands, and even flushing the toilet.

I know everyone says kids have to 'be ready', but I think it usually takes a little more parental effort than this! It is a little strange passing the diaper aisle at the grocery store and not checking for sales, but I think I'll get used to it pretty quickly.

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