Fresh Air is good for the soul


I'm a firm believer in the power of fresh air. If I have a head-ache or feel tired in the morning, my first solution would be to get some fresh air. It drives my husband crazy, as his solution is to lie down and relax. He thinks it is the weirdest thing for me to say - 'Go for a quick walk around the block', if he complains he's feeling tired. He prefers a little sympathy, and some quiet time.


As much as possible, I try to take the kids outside for a bit everyday. When I was on maternity leave we would take long, leisurely walks throughout the neighbourhood - bundling up if it was cold. Now that the kids are in school and daycare, they typically get some outside time everyday, unless of course the windchill warrants indoor recess. Luckily, those days have been few and far between this year.

Over the weekend we decided to check out the river trail at the forks, which opened later than normal due to an unseasonably warm december. It was Poppy's first time on real skates, and she did pretty well. The red pushers are a genius invention, and well worth the two dollar rental fee. Soren was flying around the rink and happy to be able to do everything by himself. Poppy didn't last too long before switching into boots and getting a ride in the sleigh, but truthfully that was fine by me because ow - my back! Trying to hold up a toddler on skates is not easy.

The trail is in great shape, the warming huts look awesome as usual, and there is a super cool ice maze made out of snow and ice. Winter can be a little depressing at times, and spending time outdoors is such a pick-me-up. That and fresh flowers, which I think I need to budget into my grocery spend from now until the snow melts. Seeing even a few brightly coloured flowers on the kitchen table always makes me smile.

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