Donuts on a saturday morning


We usually like to go out and do something on saturday mornings - things like playing with polar bearswalks at The Forks, or going out for coffee. A specialty donut shop had opened up in the exchange last year, and somehow we had never managed to go. Part of the problem was that they tend to sell out every day, and how terrible would it be to go out for donuts, only to find the shop closed when you get there? Secondly, I don't really love donuts. They are ok, but given the abundance of breakfast baking - croissants, muffins, cinnamon buns, even cupcakes - I tend not to opt for donuts.

Since I'm loosely following the whole 30, I figured this would be a good weekend to check out bronuts. The kids were very excited when I brought up the idea on friday night, and so on saturday morning we put on our warmest parkas and ventured out. The donut shop is cute - they had some comic books that Soren enjoyed reading. There were about 6 flavours of donuts, and after a little deliberation, Poppy choose Cranberry White Chocolate, Soren picked Chocolate, and Tyler had the old fashioned cake donut. Or more accurately, Poppy choose the Cranberry White Chocolate, ate it, and then ate most of the cake donut. Sheesh. Can sugar addictions be inherited?

The donuts were good, we stayed warm, and it proved a good saturday morning outing. Despite all the sugar, Poppy fell asleep on the 7 minute drive home. It could have had something to do with waking up before 6am. She wakes up way before the sun and proceeds to scream 'Mama! Wake up Mama! Eyes Open! Awake!!!!' It's quite the alarm clock.

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