A four-year olds dinner party


For quite some time now, Soren has been after me to plan a dinner party with our friends Lauren and Mike. It's funny, because the guy doesn't much like to eat, but he definitely likes the social aspects surrounding food. He's up for going out for breakfast, ordering in sushi, or planning a tea party. 

I finally got my act together and picked a night for the 'party', and true to form Soren helped with the menu. We ended up serving baked cod with lemon butter sauce, crispy kale, and a beet and blue cheese salad. Since we are all trying to eat a bit healthier these days, I picked up some fresh berries but otherwise didn't plan for dessert. Well... no dessert was not going to fly with the littlest lindens. 

With no desire to make anything heavy or complex, I glanced in the cupboard and proposed rice crispy squares. The kids were ecstatic - and eagerly helped me "bake" them. I spied some mini m & m's in the very back of the cupboard and decided to throw them in too. As we waited for our guests to arrive, Soren would say, 'I just can't wait to serve the cake tonight!' 'They are just going to LOVE the cake we made!'

I suppose it's not really what you make, but the level of enthusiasm that goes into prepping and serving. Instead of casually saying we only had rice crispy squares for dessert, I cut them up and brought out THE DESSERT. Soren and Pop's eyes lit up as if were the best thing they had ever seen. And you know what? They were pretty tasty. Or maybe it was all the extra love that got baked into them:)

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Jenelle Matheson said...

Can we come over for a dinner party one day? Or just a play date? I miss those little lindens