Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies / Seven day slump


I'm still super into this whole 'Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies' project, but I've been having some issues. Recipes aren't turning out quite how I envision, and then I try to photograph them and wind up with a whole bunch of useless edits. Sometimes too many choices are the problem, right? I need to just take a couple photos, rather than taking 100 and agonizing over which one shows the lumpy chocolate drizzle.

In important news, Tyler and I are excitedly packing our bags because we are leaving saturday morning for a long weekend away... by ourselves!! No kiddos for four whole days. While I travel quite a bit for work, Tyler's always at home with the kids, so we are both very much looking forward to some time together. I came across an old day planner from 2011, before Soren was born. My weeks were filled with entries like 'yoga', 'dog training' (HA!), 'massage', 'gym - 2 miles', 'manicure', and 'brunch with girlfriends'. This was in ONE WEEK. If I had a day planner these days it would be mostly blank. I rarely if ever get to yoga, the gym, massages, etc. By the time dinner is finished, the kids are in bed, and lunches are made - it's 9pm! And then I have major decisions such as whether to bake cookies or watch an episode of hockey wives. I love my current life, busy-ness and all, but it would be fun to transport back in time for a few days and REALLY and TRULY appreciate all the free time I had.

So anyways - I'm not gonna share this recipe. It was a chocolate butter cookie recipe, drizzled with white chocolate. They were not great. (I'm blaming Martha.) I did like free-cutting the diamond shapes, as opposed to using a cookie cutter. I like the rustic quality of having them look a little less perfect. But the flavour was lacking, and I've got a few more chocolate recipes to try out. So please stay tuned, as I hope to find a few more winners in the days leading up to Christmas.

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