The first skate


On a bit of a whim, I bought Poppy a helmut and a little pair of bob skates this afternoon. Bob skates are kind of 'learning skates' - they have two blades instead of one, and strap on to a child's own boots. When I showed them to her after her nap she was SO EXCITED to go skating. 'Me skate? Poppy skate? Bob skates...mine'. It was pretty chilly, but I didn't think they would last long, so I gathered up our stuff and out we went. Tyler came along as our resident photographer:)

While it's a little early to make predictions, I feel like Poppy may be a little more competitive than her brother. Soren was so sweet and encouraging, telling her 'skating is so fun Pop, you're going to love it'. And, 'don't worry if you fall down, that's what happens when you learn to skate.' Once she got out onto the ice and let go of my hand, she was excitedly shouting 'da! da! Look da!' (da is what she calls Soren)

These moments, these little phrases that they say to each other... they are so special. I sometimes question myself as to why I spend so much time and energy on this little blog of mine, but really, it's for the stories. I can't wait to look back at these photos one day, and remember with a smile how excited Poppy was to learn something new.

*we were at St. Vital duck pond, and the ice was really bad. I've never skated there before, so perhaps it's normally better. 

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