They love each other, they hate each other


For the most part, Soren and Poppy get along pretty well. They play nicely together, help each other out with things, and comfort one another if one happens to be in time-out. (Time-outs are probably less effective with a partner beside you... but it's just too cute to break up.)

Some days though, they just seem to get on each others nerves. Poppy, mostly. She does NOT tolerate a lot, and sometimes a lot might be a sideways look. 'No, Da!', she screams and cries. 'Da' being Soren, of course. It's the logical short-form.

We had family photos taken a couple weeks back, and Poppy was having one of her days. The photographer suggested the kids sit on a bench together, and Poppy wanted none of it. Soren was trying to be helpful and cute, but there was no convincing her. Sometimes the outtakes are better than the 'good' pictures, especially when they can tell a story.

And eek... how is it December 1st on tuesday??! We dragged out some decorations today, but they are yet to be unpacked. I have to fill the kids advent calendar with goodies, and I've barely started on any shopping. It's going to be a busy few weeks.

photos by lucky girl photography

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