The Shoebox Project


Have you heard of the shoebox project? Last night, I got together with a group of girlfriends and we made little gifts for women in shelters. The idea is simple - put together a shoebox full of little luxuries that a woman might need or want, but may not be able to afford herself. The boxes are donated to women's shelters across the country. Around the holidays, there are a lot of organizations that provide gifts to children in need, but sometimes the moms are overlooked.

When my friend Ainsley suggested hosting the get-together, I thought it was a wonderful idea. Each box is supposed to be valued at around $50, and I was shocked by how easy it was to 'shop my closet'. I found hand lotions, nail polishes, teas, and candies that were perfectly good, yet I hadn't used. I also bought a few new items to add, like cute socks and new gloves.

We had a great night - this group of girlfriends often host 'wine nights', and this was really no different, except we sat on the floor instead of crowding around the food:) In the end I think we completed 12 boxes. As the holiday sales try to entice me to buy, buy, buy, it's nice to give rather than receive. I'm sure I'll pull out my credit card for some 'must-have' black friday sale, but fresh in my mind is the idea that I already have more than I need, which is a great way to start the holiday season.

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J-Mom said...

These is a great way to spend a Holiday. Cheers to you and your friends!