Picnicing in November


We are enjoying an absolutely beautiful november, so when Soren asked if we could go for a picnic, I jumped at the chance to get one last one in before the snow (inevitably) falls. While the kids napped, I quickly put together a little picnic basket for us, filled with peanut butter and jam sandwiches, corn nuts, apple slices, raisins, a left-over bag of chips from halloween, and a juice box. I never buy juice, but you would not know it if you met these two. They are obsessed! This single box must have been a leftover from something, a birthday party perhaps, and Poppy would not let it out of her sight. Somehow I convinced them to share - I suppose half a juice box is better than none.

Saturdays are usually my favourite, unless I happen to have a week-day off. We start early - this week earlier than usual at around 5:30 - and I savour my coffee at home, as opposed to in the car. Poppy and I head out to gymnastics, and I love spending the hour with just her, teaching her to walk on the balance beam and attempt backwards summersaults. Afterwards we sometimes meet Soren and Tyler for a second breakfast, or do a few errands before coming home to meet the boys.

Today I'd planned to make Ina Garten's minestrone soup, so we hustled around getting pancetta, a baguette, and a bottle of wine. Of course we stopped in at the crusty bun for some german pastries and a second coffee. The soup did not disappoint, and if you are looking for a hearty winter soup - this is a go-to. It makes a ton, so next time perhaps I will invite some friends over to share it with us, Soren's been bugging me to plan a dinner party soon. It's odd that for someone who doesn't particularly like many foods, he sure likes entertaining. He is happy as a clam to help me grocery shop, and even meal plan, and he's been after me to host a dinner party soon. One of these days:)

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