Meal Plans // Why can't I do it?


I have this problem, which happens over and over and over again... and I can't seem to resolve. I HATE not having a plan for dinner. It stresses me out, I think about it all day, and it puts me in a bad mood when arriving home, when I should be looking forward to playing with my kids. Instead, all I can think of is 'WHAT'S FOR DINNER?' The age old question that has no doubt been stressing out parents for generations.

The thing is, I know exactly how to overcome the problem, and it's called planning. Meal Planning. I know how to do it, and actually enjoy it from time to time. Yet somehow, I fail to have meals planned for every day of the week, which equates to stress, more stress, and giving in to takeout which is less than healthy, not to mention super expensive. I just read this article, which claims eating out is six times more expensive than eating at home.

While I like eating out, I'd rather do it on special occasions, like trying out a new cocktail bar on a date night, or enjoying a family brunch on a sunday. Takeout pizza or tacos are not really 'worth it', both in money and in calories.

So - I'm back to the planning stage, and I'm thinking of trying a fourteen day menu. Perhaps if I only have to meal plan twice per month, I can actually get it done. Likely, I'll still shop weekly or about every five days, as after that we tend to run out of fresh fruits and veggies. The idea is not to make this super complicated, but rather make it simple. For this reason I know we'll have to be flexible with switching days, which is totally fine by me. I'd also love to spend a sunday afternoon stocking my freezer with some ready-made sauces and partial meals - this is something I always talk about and never do.

There are some people who are really organized in life - that's who I strive to be. Then there are those who live somewhat chaotically, but are totally fine with it. And then there's me! A wanna-be organized person, who gets stressed out and anxious and beats herself up for 'failing' to be who I want to be. I need some motivation to accomplish my plans and goals, however small they may be. Maybe some new cookbooks will give me some inspiration - I've listed a few below that look great.

The gorgeous Kitchen in FranceJamie Oliver's Everyday Super Foods; anything on this list, specifically Near and Far and Simply Nigella; and Bountiful, which looks both simple and beautiful. 

*(Christmas present ideas... if any family members are reading?!)

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Unknown said...

I'm not a meal planner either, but I do swear by the crockpot! Takes minutes to throw something in there...which I prep the evening before and leave in the fridge. Then before leaving for work (pre mat leave) I flip on the switch or get Chris to and meal done for when I get home! Pro play time with kiddies and housebsmells amazing! Cons some recipes taste similar. Some crockpots cook faster than others so there's some trial and error. But I love the ease!