Halloween 2016 - The best day of the year


While many people may be getting into the christmas spirit, we still have our pumpkins on our front steps. And we never carved them... something that Soren asked to do this afternoon. Slackers or not, halloween was apparently 'the BEST day of the whole year!', so it's hard to beat that. This year we re-used the chicken hatching out of an egg costume for Poppy, and Soren re-used a twenty-five year old ninja turtle turtle costume that was my brothers, circa 1994.

Halloween night was rainy but warm, and even a torrential downpour couldn't have stopped these two. Once Poppy went to the first house and mastered her version of 'trick or treat', she was off for the night. After every house she enthusiastically yelled 'more!', while Soren was halfway down the block already. He found some older and faster boys to keep up with, and clearly thought we were too slow.

After arriving home with buckets of candy, I asked Soren if he would like to donate candy to some children who might have been sick or unable to go out for halloween. Without hesitation he said yes, so we picked out his favourites to keep, and boxed up most of the rest to donate. Unfortunately, I've also been slacking in this area - and no donation has been made. EVERY DAY when I arrive home from work I am asked about the donation. We still have the bag ready to go - I just need to take to it a good home. Others have mentioned I could just give it to my co-workers or even Soren's teachers, but I would feel too guilty about that. He's expecting me to take it to some needy children, and while I'm sure candy is not exactly what they need most, I can't let him down.

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