Advent time!


December first is tomorrow!! I think I'm more excited than my kids, especially now that the advent calendar is hanging on the wall, full of treats. There is something about advent calendars... I just love them! Lately there have been so many cute versions floating around on pinterest, and I've almost been tempted to make another one. But there is also something to be said about traditions, and I'm still happy with the one I made for Soren three years ago.

The hardest part about a home-made advent calendar is filling the little bags with treats. In previous years I've tried to find small toys, but this year I resided myself to the fact that the kids would be getting 'dessert for breakfast'. I tried to keep the chocolates small:)

Here's to hoping that their excitement doesn't get them out of bed before six. And if you want to see the tutorial - it's here.

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