Pumpkin Time


On this bright and sunny Sunday morning, we headed out to pick our pumpkins in what has become a family tradition. We drove along, listening to Soren talk about people smoking in the bus stop last night - which is against the rules! (Him and his dad took the bus downtown to attend a Manitoba Moose game... and I got to hear all about it today!) Poppy pointed out ducks, geese, and rivers - which is usually the extent of her talking in the car.

Two years ago, we visited the pumpkin patch as one of our last outings as a family of three. Making our own family traditions has been so much fun - it's sort of surreal watching young families that were us a couple years back! Fretting over whether the baby was warm enough, and trying so hard for a picture perfect moment. These days we just arrive. The kids ran around all over the place, and Tyler snapped a lot of photos. There wasn't much posing, or matching outfits, but we all had fun and came home with a trunk full of pumpkins. My blog post from three years ago was titled 'the terror', because I thought Soren was so crazy... so I think we've just got high-energy kids. They run, they jump, and they generally are up to something!

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