Last minute Mummy cookies


This is our first year in the school system, and so when the email came asking for parents to contribute treats for Soren's halloween party at nursery school, I jumped at the chance to be a 'good parent' and signed up. Weeks went by and then of course halloween got closer, and all of a sudden the party is tomorrow, and oh yeah - I'm bringing treats. 

Luckily, I saw an idea on pinterest for mummy cookies, and figured it would be a hit with the four-year old crowd. A problem with being a little last-minute is that sometimes the best candy eyes are sold out. Happens all the time. So... we made a batch of mummy cookies, followed by a batch of one-eyed 'mummy monsters' with the only candy eye options left at bulk barn - green and yellow. Soren seemed pretty happy with how they turned out, so I'm hoping his classmates will concur. 

I had to include a photo of the decorating process. Soren and Poppy were under strict instructions not to eat any of the eyes, as they were in such high demand. The two of them were mesmerized by the cookies. If they couldn't eat any... they sure could stand over them, drooling in anticipation. You'd think they'd never seen a green-eyed, mummy monster cookie before! 

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