How much do you spend on kids clothes?


Miss Poppy, not surprisingly, got a little spoiled for her birthday. She was given this gorgeous dress and tights, which I had to try on her immediately and take a few pictures. It's no secret that I love kids fashion and dressing my littles in cute outfits, and I got to thinking about how much money I spend on them. Is there a 'limit' to how much you should spend on any one item? I tend to look for sales and deals everywhere - even though I likely end up spending more because I fall for marketing tricks like 'free-shipping'. Yes - I am definitely guilty of adding things to my cart just to reach the free-shipping threshold.

For most items - say a dress for Poppy or jeans for Soren - $30-40 is about my maximum. Anything above that and I have to REALLY love it, or think that it's something they will need for awhile, like a winter coat or shoes that both kids can wear. It's not to say I don't buy anything above that, but it gets harder to justify, especially knowing that kids can grow out of things so quickly.

I think girls clothes tend to last longer, perhaps because you can't really 'wear-out' a dress. If I had two girls, I could probably spend more on good quality items, knowing that they will last through two seasons of wear. With boys its tougher. At any given time, Soren probably has 2-3 decent pairs of pants/jeans in his rotation. That means he wears the same pants a lot, and they get holes in the knees before he outgrows them. Our absolute favourite pants right now are these jeans from Canadian retailer mini mioche - I need to order more colours! 

While I don't spend a lot of time thrifting, I have found a couple amazing deals on kids clothes. Poppy currently has a navy blue peacoat that I found at a garage sale for twenty five cents! Deals like this make me feel better about spending more on other items.

My last thought on kids wardrobes and budgets is not to buy everything at once. Just like decorating my home, I never want my entire wardrobe to look like it came from the same store. I prefer a more collective approach - slowly adding pieces that I love or that I can get a good deal on. I'm happy to buy winter coats in June, or Christmas outfits in february for the next year. When Soren was first born I was nervous about this - what if it doesn't fit next year? But now I've found that it's pretty easy to predict the next size up, especially if it's from a brand you know and buy from frequently.

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