Goal setting and committing to a hobby


Most weeks fly by, but not so much this one. By wednesday, I was waking up feeling like it was friday. Luckily - we have a long week-end ahead of us! This week-end is going to be jammed back full of activities, but they are all fun ones that we are all looking forward to - especially Poppy's second birthday. I can't say I've done any party planning, but I'm beginning to realize that it doesn't really matter. She will be excited to have a cake, and sing happy birthday with those who love her.

My husband has always been the photography talent in our house, for which I am grateful, however sometimes I think it hinders my ability to learn. I've tried to listen to ISO settings and exposure levels... but typically it goes in one ear and out the other. I always know that Tyler can help me get the camera settings to where I want them, or better yet, take the picture himself. I like photography though, and I find the images in my head are sometimes hard to translate into a description of what I want. Meaning - I should really give this photography thing a solid effort. Learn how to take the photos I want on my own, without relying on help from my husband.

If I write something down, it then it usually becomes a goal for myself. My goal here is to learn how to take decent photos, and fully understand all the settings. If anyone knows of any good tutorials, online seminars, or youtube videos - please let me know! I've enjoyed a few 'courses' on skillshare, but once my free trial ran out I haven't been back.

Happy Friday! Hopefully the gorgeous fall weather will continue for awhile, I'm totally not ready for snow yet.

 (p.s. - I took the first three photos... and my aunt took the one of the three of us in the bird-cage chair.)

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