Getting out the door - Weekdays


Our mornings are a little stressful around here, as I imagine they are for all families. It's hard to work towards a specific time - especially when that time starts with a 7! Over the past few weeks we've gotten into a little routine, and for the most part it seems to be working for us. Here's how our monday to fridays start:

6:30 - alarm goes off. (hopefully) Sometimes one of the kids - usually Poppy, will wake us up at 6 or 6:15.

6:40 - I'm up, in the bathroom, getting ready and getting dressed. The second I step out of bed Poppy calls out 'mama? mama?! MAMA!!!!!', and does not stop until I've gotten her out of her crib. Her hearing is obviously perfect - because it is completely impossible for me to get ready without waking her. She comes into the bathroom with me, brushes her teeth, puts on moisturizer, watches intently as I put on make-up and asks sweetly to try some. 'eyes? Poppy?' Sorry Pop - no mascara for you just yet.

6:55 - dress Poppy. Wake Soren, or if he is already awake, help him get dressed.

7:10 - we go downstairs. Usually I have to carry both kids, which always scares me a little on the stairs. So far we've been lucky... I turn on the kettle, the stove, and let out the dog. Strange fact - we don't have a toaster. Well, that's not entirely true as Soren got a Darth Vader toaster for his birthday. But typically, I just use the broil function on the oven. It takes a couple minutes to warm up.

7:15 - Pour the kids milk, feed them, make my coffee, and try to sit down with them for a second. Many times I'm rushing around putting lunch kits in backpacks and hunting down outerwear. However, I'm trying my best to appear relaxed and non-anxious in front of them, so I try to sit at the table and take a few sips of my coffee.

7:30 - Clear the table, wipe down kids, put lunches in backpacks, and tell them to find their shoes. Help with shoes and jackets, grab my laptop, purse, and two backpacks and head for the door. Feel like a mule.

7:40 - Daddy says good-bye with a 'jaja'. Which is Poppy's way of saying 'jelly-bean'. The kids both get a jelly-bean once they have their shoes and coats on. I must admit, this was not my idea, but it's a good one.

7:45 - At the bus stop. Chat with other parents, hug Soren two or three times, and then the big ol' bus arrives. It's still pretty heartbreaking to see him try and naviagate those huge bus steps on his own.

7:50 - Poppy and I are off to drop her at her daycare.

8 - Say good-bye to Poppy. This involves having to beg her for a kiss. She loves her daycare - runs up to the house, takes off her shoes and coat, grabs her lunch, and is off. Usually without a backwards glance.

8:10 - Back in the car, time to drink my now-cold coffee. Arrive at my office at 8:30.

I will say there are a couple things that keep me sane in the mornings. One - do as much as possible the night before. Lunches are packed, clothes laid off, the kitchen is cleaned. If there are any 'different' things that need to happen - like remembering extra clothes or a book-order - I do these the night before too.

Two - don't press snooze! There are so few minutes to spare... a lost 5 or even 10 is next to impossible to get back. When I want to press snooze - I remind myself how completely stressed I will feel if we literally have to run to the bus. No one wants to start their day off that way.

Third, and lastly, I've started showering at night. I hate this - but again it saves those precious moments in the morning, so for now it's worth it. My spurge on the weekends is a nice hot shower - in the morning! That, and hot coffee. Sitting at the table long enough to drink it before it gets cold is the greatest luxury.


Megan's World said...

Erika- our morning are the same!! Except Trev leaves for work around 6am, so I'm the head honcho doing everything in the morning myself!
I let the kids pick their own clothes in the morning since I've found that I don't have to negotiate with them to wear my picks. And who says polka-dots and stripes don't go?!
And believe me, a hot shower in the morning with time to blow-dry hair is a thing of the past... I look forward to it once again when kids can walk themselves to school :)

Keep at it mama! xo

Shelleen said...

Your morning adventures bring a smile to my face as they bring back many memories Erika! I would say the it looks like you are doing all the right things for your beautiful family! Hang in there. It will get easier as they get older. To this day I still get everything ready at night including water in the coffee maker and filter in place ready to go. One pleasure for me for my days that I go into Winnipeg is having a really good coffee mug that keeps it my very necessary morning nectar hot for hours! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This made me feel so much better :). We're moving in December and my morning routine with my two little ones is going to change so much. I'm scared! Great tip on getting as much ready the night before.