The cutest family of seven you will ever see


My husband has always been an avid photographer, and I love that he takes a million photos of us. Typically he doesn't take many pictures of non-family members, but last weekend he shot these images of one of our good friends families. For me, taking pictures of one person is hard enough, but he managed to get some gorgeous shots of all seven of them! Proud wife moment, over here.

I'm definitely going to have to find the time to take our two kids out for some fall photos, Chelsea makes five look effortless. I love the baby in a basket - she looks so angelic. But if I had to pick a favourite, it might just be the four little ones all holding hands. Or maybe the tender big sister patting her babies head... or wait... the boys picking up their sister! I can't decide - they are all amazing, although I suppose I'm a tad biased:) Good work, Tyler!

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