Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies


Most of the time, I'm a chocolate chip cookie kind of person. While I'm happy to make some christmas cookies in December, generally my go-to cookie is the traditional chocolate chip. Or recently, the much blogged about peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Those are so good. 

Anyways, today I came home from work and got straight to 'work' in the kitchen, trying to get dinner on the table by 6ish. I was making a tomato meat sauce, and once everything was simmering in the pot, I realized I had some time to make something for desert. I flipped through a couple cookbooks and decided on oatmeal raisin cookies, before realizing that we didn't have any raisins. 

Cranberries and white chocolate always go together, so these cookies / muffins were created. While they are technically a cookie, they have a consistency more like a muffin - which just makes me think they are 'healthy' and consume more than I should. And I should know they are not healthy... as I was the one adding the sugar and the butter. 

My little sidekicks were around, but stayed out of the kitchen as they thought I was only making a pasta sauce. If I'm baking, I often get a chair pulled up beside me and Soren asking to 'taste' the chocolate chips before they go in. The little rascal begs me to let him pour in the sugar, only to steal a pinch or two from the measuring cup. Too bad he never wants to steal tastes of carrots, or cucumbers...

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