A second birthday party


Cake, cookies, lemonade, presents, family... what more could you want for your second birthday? Miss Poppy turned two today, and while I'd barely put any thought or planning into her birthday party, I think it turned out alright.

The day started off with a crazy wind storm, so we snuggled further into our beds and tried to pretend it wasn't time to get up yet. 'Dark!' - Poppy kept yelling, and it was true - daylight was evading us this morning. We had a cozy morning in our pj's, painting her nails and beading necklaces together. The boys braved the storm to do some last minute shopping and pick up party supplies.

On the menu today we had Swig Sugar Cookies, which I was super excited to try. They look gorgeous - and they taste pretty good too, although maybe not quite as good as all the hype. I baked a hershey's chocolate cake with pink vanilla cream icing for the birthday girl, as her request had been chocolate. To round out the desserts I made some pink rice krispy squares, and my favourite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

We served the usual drinks - coffee, wine, beer, prosecco (always for celebrations!), perrier, and lemonade. After seeing a pomegranate at the grocery store, I made some ice-cubes with pomegranate berries in them. They were cute, and would probably look great at a holiday party.

Many people are hesitant to give toddlers clothes as gifts, as they can sometimes be less than enthused. (Soren told someone once - 'This can't be for me, kids don't get clothes!') Not the case for Poppy, the little fashionista. She ripped open her first present, saw a dress and tights, and demanded to put them right on. Then she danced across the room, showing everyone her new outfit.

Soren's gift was something he knew she REALLY wanted, and has been super excited to get her... a new soother:) He knows her well - she certainly loved his present, demanded we open it, and popped it in her mouth for a test suck. It was a happy birthday all around, although hard to believe that my baby is two! Also, Soren's second birthday, and Poppy's first.

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Patti said...

What a beautiful cake. I love the ring of strawberries. It looks like it was a lovely party. Isn't is amazing how your children are each so different from each other with regards to clothes. Soren is very sweet to get his little sister a soother.