We did it! First day of school


Waiting for the bus...

Still waiting.

The bus is in site!!!

Some tears... only from mom.

That face:)

We all survived the first day. As the bus pulled out of site, the other parents kept telling me it would be ok. Poppy suddenly became aware of the fact that her brother was gone, and worriedly said 'Da?' over and over again. (She calls him Da. We don't know why... as many times as we try to get her to say Soren, she continues to call him Da.) The three of us walked slowly back to the house, and Tyler and Poppy hopped in the car to meet the bus at school. How could we trust that he would make his way into the proper classroom?! He did, and from all accounts had a great day. Upon getting off the bus at the end of the day, he turned to his sister and said, 'Pop! I loved school today!'

I'm still in shock over the fact that I have a school-aged child. Who takes the bus. Who came home at the end of the day, headed straight for his room, and announced he was a little tired and needed some time to himself. What?!? Who is this older child, and where is my baby? He also told us, 'I think I made a friend. A girl. We played power rangers.' And so that about sums up school. He might have made a friend, and he loved school. I sure am proud of this little guy.

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Inspired Life said...

What gorgeous photos!!! And what a milestone! Such beautiful beginnings... :)