Picky Eaters vs Those who eat everything


Photos taken at one of our favourite sushi restaurants - Naru Sushi on Osborne

Ever since Soren was around 18 months old, he has been a picky eater. We were those parents who swore we would NEVER have a picky eater. I read Bringing Up Bebe, and French Kids Eat Everything. For awhile, we thought we were doing pretty well. He ate spicy chili, loved all fruits, and actually got sick after eating too much lamb cannelloni one night. However, nothing we did seemed to be able to stop the downward spiral of eating that happened pretty much overnight.

Now, at four years old, he is still very picky. When I'm feeling positive, I might say that he's getting better, but when I look at the facts of what's on his plate - he's probably still the same. Tonight at dinner he burst into tears because we were having tacos. After much encouragement, I managed to get him to eat a little, but dinnertimes are always stressful. I've read many articles that say parents should pay little attention to the food and the picky eater - just put down the plate and that's the end of it. If they eat - great. If not, no big deal, just simply remove the plate and do not offer any alternatives until the next meal. Somehow that doesn't work in our house. I'm not sure if it's just me that can't seem to follow this policy... perhaps. It just seems too sad to send a kid to bed hungry. I rarely make alternative meals, but I definitely bribe and cajole and beg the guy to put something in his mouth. And swallow. Preferably without the theatrical gags that often happen.

While we have been focused on Soren's poor eating habits, miss Poppy just sits in her highchair and eats whatever is put in front of her. Tonight, after picking at her taco (but eating a great deal more than Soren), she got down and promptly came and sat on my lap. Apparently my taco salad was much more interesting than a taco, so she quickly took my fork and began eating lettuce. All the lettuce. In fact, Tyler got her a bowl full of lettuce sprinkled with cheese, and she happily ate for another ten minutes or so. All while her brother fussed and cried and tried to make deals for getting ice cream for dessert. (He didn't get any, although he did point out that Pop was eating so well she should get ice-cream, and Pop didn't let us forget it.)

One of Soren's favourite meals to go out for is sushi. We find this quite comical, as he only eats 'rice balls'. We have to explain to the server what this is... and then he'll polish off a plate of 8 or 10 of them. Of course, Poppy eats - you guessed it - everything.

Speaking of food, I am in the middle of attempting to make a meal plan for the week. I've got monday and tuesday down so far, but am looking to pinterest for inspiration for the latter part of the week. Any food blogs/sites I should check out? I'm into vegetarian cooking lately, in part because all of the fall root vegetables are in season and sooo good. It's hard to go wrong with a pan full of roasted veggies - although my darling son would probably call that his nightmare.

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Unknown said...

*raises hand* I'm in the picky eater camp. Mason is a wonderful little man, but the WORST when it comes to eating. I'd celebrate a rice ball over here!

Goodluck for the both of us!