Our favourite Vancouver stops


We spent two nights in Vancouver last month, staying at our friends lovely condo in Kitslano. Both Tyler and I have spent a good amount of time in this beautiful city over the years, and this years trip did not disappoint. Here's a peak into one of our favourite days.

First things first - coffee! On the recommendation of our friends, we walked to Elysian Coffee for cappuccinos. They were amazing, and I loved that the baristas offered you a glass of water - sparkling or flat! - while you waited for your drink. Because doesn't everyone get thirsty when they drink coffee? It's like red wine... back in my serving days I would always bring glasses of water along side glasses of wine.

Next up, and this may have been the highlight of Tyler's whole trip, was Beaucoup Bakery. I would call myself a bit of a 'bakie', you know, the baking version of a foodie? no? This isn't a trend yet? Beaucoup is adorable, but what really sets them apart was their amazing Blueberry Bourbon Maple Syrup Croissant. ALL CAPS. Tyler swears it's one of the best things he's ever eaten. I posted a picture on my instagram account, and Beaucoup was sweet enough to offer him a free one on his next visit. If there is anyway to ship baked goods from Vancouver to Winnipeg, let me know.

To work off our baked goods, we biked - everywhere! We rented a trailer for the kids, which they absolutely loved. Almost immediately they both fell asleep, so we just kept going. The sun was shining as we passed the beach volleyball games at Kits beach, and the dogs happily splashing in the ocean at the dog beach. Eventually, we got hungry again and stopped for some lunch. Soren practiced some jumps while Poppy ate everyones leftovers.

To end the day, we biked over to Granville Island and let the kids play in the playground. We met some pretty interesting Vancouver parents... for example, Soren was playing with a little boy named Otis, who introduced himself as weighing 48 pounds and being 4 years and three quarters. He then started wrestling with Soren, much to Soren's delight, and the mom ran over asking 'Otis! Has the little boy given you his consent? We have to remember to ask consent before we enter people's personal spaces.' The word 'consent' struck me as a funny thing to ask in a playground. Perhaps Soren should have pulled out one of his business cards:)

We couldn't leave grandville island without a stop at the toy stores, or without sampling some delicious gelato. We picked up everything we needed to make fish tacos for dinner, and by 'we' I mean our friend Ronan. The royal 'we' helped carry the groceries home on our bikes, and then we became really helpful when we started in on cocktails and wine. Dinner was probably eaten around 10, in true vacation fashion, but we didn't mind. It was a great day - full of food, friends, and family!

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