Back to school struggles


Whew. After posting this post last week about our wonderful first day of school, things took a decidedly different turn. On Soren's second day of school, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. After dropping off an excited little boy at the bus stop in the morning, we had no idea the day would end up how it did. Around 2pm Tyler received a call from the school saying that Soren had a really bad stomach ache, and was screaming and crying. He quickly left work to go pick him up, which is when they called back to say they were calling an ambulance. This was my cue... I drove as fast as I could and met a huge group of supporters at his school.

The scene I walked into was nothing I hope to experience again... the firetrucks, ambulances, paramedics, teachers, and others all standing around with worried looks on their faces. And then there was poor Soren - lying on a little cot in the principals office - deathly pale and scared. He was talking to a paramedic when he caught my eye and began to cry. The paramedics decided I would ride with him in the hospital - so I carried him onto the gurney and we sped to Children's hospital. I still didn't know what exactly was wrong. Soren was talking and communicating well, but was pale, shaky, and had a very high fever. He still said his stomach hurt, although he was clearly not in the agony he had been in before. As we drove to the hospital Soren talked to a super nice paramedic about his favourite star wars characters (all of them), and another paramedic prepped me for the possibility of appendicitis.

Many hours and many tests later, it was determined that Soren was fine. He likely suffered from some severe constipation or a twisted intestine, coupled with a virus that caused the fever, chills, and flu-like symptoms. We dragged our tired selves home, stopping for take-out soup and pancakes on the way home.

He's back at school now, and hopefully back to his normal self. There have been more fevers, which I'm hoping is just the virus running its course. It's been a long week. You never really realize how important health is - until you're threatened with sickness. And then you remember that health is EVERYTHING. Our bodies are so vulnerable... and things can change in an instant. Today I am grateful for my two healthy babes, sleeping soundly in their beds. And in the morning, I'll wake them with kisses and hugs, and remind myself not to stress out about being late for the bus.

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