Back to (pre) school style


I love dressing my kids. Luckily for me, Soren has never really had much of an opinion about what he wears. (He makes up for it by having opinions on just about every other subject under the sun.) While some boys will only wear track pants, or a certain ripped t-shirt, Soren's pretty content to wear whatever I pick out.

With school starting soon, and the temperatures getting cooler, I realized he needed a few new things. Boy clothes can be a little tricky, especially if your child is slim. We buy the skinniest jeans around, but they are often still too baggy for my preference. Not so with these beautiful jeans from mini mioche. The colour is perfect for fall, they are super soft and stretchy, and the fit is just right. I have a feeling I am going to be ordering the other colours.

These boots were a steal last year from Zara, and Soren proclaims that he looks like a grown up in them. His striped socks add a little flare, and they were also a recent purchase from mini mioche.

I'm kind of obsessed with the cuteness of this backpack. We happened into the Fjallraven store in Banff, and couldn't leave without picking up one of these adorable 'mini' backpacks. They come in about 30 colours - each one cuter than the next. Oh - and yes, his bum is dirty. Prior to taking these photos the poor guy fell in a mud puddle:(

Clearly, the muddy bum didn't bother him too much! This cozy sweater was a deal from gap kids. With the 40% discount I got (and which is currently offered again), I believe I paid $13. So there we go... all dressed and ready for school. Now if only I was emotionally ready. I've got a few more days to mentally prepare myself, and perhaps to some retail therapy by checking out all the labour day sales.

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