Wineries with kids


We visited the Okanagan on our honeymoon waay back when, and loved it. The views, the wine, the fresh fruit, the wine... it was all great. Once we started planning our big road trip this summer, we knew a stop in the Okanagan was a must. I started looking at accommodations, and was a little unsure of what we could find. I wanted something like a bed and breakfast, so I checked VRBO and Airbnb, but was having trouble finding a rental for only one night. As I was searching for some wineries to visit, I realized that maybe we could stay right at a winery. Some of them have guest cottages, or small apartments. I searched around for something in our price range, and then up popped D'Angelo Winery. It had a pool, allowed kids, and had availability for our night there. Booked!

We arrived late on Sunday night, and there was a bottle of chilled wine waiting for us in the fridge. In the morning, we awoke to the most beautiful views. We ate breakfast on our deck, and stared out over the winery. The owner came over to chat, and told us a little about their operation. Listening to a small business owner talk about their pride and dream is always so special. It definitely makes you think that yes, your dreams can come true. It didn't sound glamorous - but he was clearly so proud of everything he had built up around him. 

The kids loved running up and down the vineyards, and we stopped for a game of bocce ball. Tyler and I may have sampled some wine at 10am... we were on vacation! After checking out of our spacious guest house, we headed down the road to a few other wineries. We went to Red Rooster, another place we remembered from our honeymoon. The kids were fine to amuse themselves while we sampled. At the next place, Misconduct, they gave the kids crayons. Win! More time for sampling! We also had a delicious lunch - pan fried calamari, a charcuterie board, and a beet salad. 

Our time in the Okanagan didn't last very long, and I'm sure we would have appreciated an extra night. But it was lovely - and taking the kids with us on some wine tastings was no problem. Both of them were really well behaved the whole trip, I think they just enjoy spending time together, as a family. You don't really need much to make an adventure out of nothing. We rarely prepared ourselves with toys or books, but rather took advantage of things like bocce ball, or just marvelling in the beauty of the mountains. 

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