Strawberry White Chocolate Scones


Strawberry season is upon us and we are sooo happy about it! Fresh strawberries do not even compare to the grocery store version, it's almost like they are different fruits entirely. While I was slaving away at work today... haha, it wasn't really quite like that, the littles got to go strawberry picking! We have the world's best nanny right now. I can't possibly call her a nanny - she is more like an aunt, or a friend, or a lifesaver; but she is looking after our children and we are so thankful to have her. So, while I missed out on the actual picking, I came home to tons of fresh strawberries, just begging to be eaten. 

All four us us stuffed ourselves full of fresh berries, and then decided that strawberry milkshakes would be perfect for desert. Instead of just throwing some berries and icecream in the blender, we let Soren use his StarWars cookbook, and we made "Jawa Jive Milkshakes". They called for white chocolate chips, which sounded good in theory, but ended up clogging up the milkshake straws. And milkshakes kind of suck when you can't slurp them up... right? Anyways, no drops of mediocre milkshakes were left over, so the kids couldn't have hated them. Once they were off to bed I decided to bake something, but strawberry baked goods are surprisingly rare. Blueberries get all the glory. 

Instead of muffins, I opted for scones, and followed a really basic recipe: 2 cups of flour, tablespoon of baking powder, pinch of salt... then add 5 tablespoons of really cold butter. Pinch with your fingers until the mixture looks crumbly, and then add about 3/4 cup of cream. Knead mixture together, add strawberries and chocolate chips, and bake for about 12 minutes at 425. Super easy. 

The problem was, the scones looked kind of unappealing. The strawberries don't hold their shape at all, or their colour, so the tops of the scones were looking odd. I sprinkled a little icing sugar on the top and I think that helped a little. Perhaps that is why strawberries are not baked with as much as their cousins the blueberries. But... they do taste great! I am already excited to eat one tomorrow morning with my coffee. Any other strawberry recipes I should try? Cheesecake seemed to come up as a top hit, but I usually only bake cakes for a purpose, a purpose other than eating them by myself on a tuesday night, that is. I'd love to find a perfect go-to strawberry muffin recipe. 

Oh yeah - and Boonstra Farms is the best. I took the kids last summer, and we had a blast playing with baby animals, going on a tractor ride, eating ice-cream, and of course, strawberry picking. They have a wonderful set-up and it is definitely worth the trip.

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