Staying cool - Our fave Winnipeg activities


It's 10:39pm, and it is currently 81degrees in our house. it. is. HOT. This summer has been a pretty crazy one - with intense heat waves stretching across the country. Luckily, we have lots of fun activities around us - typically involving water. Here are some of our favourite Winnipeg-area hot weather activities.

- splash pads and wading pools. Hands down, these are the BEST for babies and toddlers. I've often wondered if there are just as many in other cities... winnipeg seems to have an abundance of them. Our favourites are the riverview wading pool - with a slide! - and the river heights splash pad.
- movies for Soren. The last two weekends, Tyler and Soren have gone to sunday matinees. They dress up in long pants and sweaters, and escape the heat in the super air-conditioned movie theatres. Soren loved Inside Out, but thought the Minion movie was 'kinda silly'.
- shopping! While the boys have been at the movie theatre, Pop and I have strolled the malls, flipping through summer sales and stopping at coffee shops.
- our cottage / patricia beach / any of the great MB beaches. We are so lucky to have amazing beaches within an hours drive... a lot of sundays are spent driving north on hwy 59 in our bathing suits. Patricia Beach is really quiet, and also has super soft sand and a gradual entry. Great for babes. Grand beach is great too, just a bit busier. We usually make it to the west side of the lake at least once a summer, and stroll up and down the pier in Gimli.
kildonan park pool - it's awesome.
- homemade popsicles - or trips to the BDI
- no-cook dinners. Salads and BBQ-ing are our go-to meals. Not much can justify making the house hotter.
- painting the house white. haha... this shouldn't make the list! I've finally decided to take the plunge and tackle our interior walls. I want them white... all of them. This is going to be a very long project, but I actually got started with some paint on the walls this weekend. Nope, painting in 80-degree weather is not the most fun. I'm treating it like a work-out - sort of like hot yoga. And then 'treating' myself to an ice-cold beer when I finish a section. They don't give out beer at yoga... :)

Happy summer! I love the heat, so as hot as it is, I'd prefer it to minus 30 any day.

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