Potty Training, Round Two


We went to the park this morning, and miss Poppy didn't wear a diaper! She's been very interested in potty-training for some time now, but I haven't wanted to 'test it', and take her out of the house without a diaper. We were out for about two hours - and it was a success! Unfortunately, we came home, sat down for lunch, and all of a sudden Poppy was in a puddle. opps.

Soren was fully trained at two and a half, although he was somewhat interested from around 18 months. He liked to sit on his potty a few times per day, and almost always peed on it. It took us awhile to get him interested in going all the time. He was a great talker, and would refuse to wear underwear. He'd beg me to put on his diaper, or would just refuse to use the toilet. I'm quite certain that he was 'ready' to be trained at least six months before he was... but he was stubborn, and wanted to do things on his own terms. One good thing about waiting a little longer - he stopped diapers completely at two and a half. No naps, no night-time pull-ups... he was completely done - and with very few accidents.

Poppy, on the other hand, is VERY interested in the potty. She loves it - and proceeds to pee in it about 20 times per day. At twenty months, she still does not talk much, but she lets us know when she needs to go. Today my mom, Poppy, and I were shopping at the gap, and Poppy suddenly yelled, loudly, 'poopoo, poopoo, POOPOO!', while grabbing at her diaper. Other shoppers looked on, and I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom. 'Yeah!', was the enthusiastic reply, and so we rushed out -walking quickly to the nearest bathroom. 'Poopoo' does not actually mean poop, it just means she needs to go. It would be nice if she could select a different word to yell. It was also a little awkward as she screamed it in the wading pool on saturday:)

I have read that a lot of people have success with the three day method, but in our house we seem to do well with just putting a potty near the bathroom, and encouraging the kids to use it if they'd like. Actually, our potty is currently in our dining room, as we don't have a bathroom on the main floor, and most often we are in the kitchen or living room. I find it easiest to leave Poppy diaperless, and pantless, and let her go when she wants. Soren gets super excited when she does something in the potty - I have had to tell both kids that I do not need to see the evidence immediately. If I'm at the stove, I will see Poppy carrying the potty towards me and cringe - envisioning her tripping and falling... eww.

Potty-training seems to get a bad rap for being super stressful on parents. So far, two kids in, I would say it's pretty easy. We are well on our way to being a diaper-free house, but I'm not worried if that happens in two weeks or two months. If it's two years... well... check back for another post.

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