Splash Pads are back in action


Fathers Day started, like many others, with cinnamon buns and coffees on our back deck. I tend to make cinnamon buns for special days like Tyler's birthday or holidays, and we usually burn our fingers (or tongues), because they just smell so amazing as we wait impatiently for them to cool. It was a perfectly sunny day, so we lingered on our back deck for over an hour, watching Soren play with his star wars figures, and listening to Poppy point out all the birds. Her new word is ant, and she excitedly points to one saying 'Ant! Hi ant...'. It's pretty adorable. 

We are in full-on summer mode over here, complete with naked kids all the time, popsicles, and splash pads. I kind of feel like the summer snuck up on me, and I was honestly surprised when we drove by the park yesterday and Soren screamed 'THE SPLASH PAD IS OPEN!' Well, we had to stop, even though we didn't have our bathing suits. 'Let's just get our feet wet', I suggested, and you know how that goes. So today, I promised the kids we would bring our bathing suits, and towels, and head back to the splash pad.

Miss Poppy won't go near the water, but Soren is completely in heaven. He ran through the icy water until his teeth were chattering, and even then just wanted to warm up for a few minutes before going back. Luckily there is a wonderful playground attached, where we sat on a bench and watched the kids dig in the sand. We even shared a secret beer... shh! There were two other dads there with "coffees" that mysteriously sounded like cocktails... ice clinking away. That's summer I suppose, Sunday afternoons at the splash pad, sneaking in adult beverages:)

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