A four year old, changes, and feeling anxious


We have a four year old! Otherwise known as Darth Vader, or perhaps the biggest Star Wars fan in Winnipeg. This was definitely a Star Wars themed party, although I didn't go to any trouble to decorate. The guests knew what he wanted, and the presents were all opened with screams of excitement as he pulled out yet another Star Wars themed item. I still have a hard time knowing the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars... so this isn't exactly my thing.

If you follow me on instagram you'll see that I have fallen in love with a new city, Prague. I was there last week on business, and it definitely lives up to all the hype. The architecture is stunning, and while I was there I was texting pictures to Tyler and planning when we could come back together. I hear they have a Christmas market in December that is pretty magical... we'll see. I flew home on Soren's actual birthday, June 12th, and was met at the airport by the cutest little duo and their dad. They had brought me flowers from my favourite store... and those little beaming faces were just what I needed after flying for a dozen hours or so. I perked up enough to shower Soren with birthday love, and then we asked him what he wanted for dinner. Sushi was picked, so we ordered in and relaxed - sharing a miniature ice-cream cake for dessert.

On Sunday we invited a few family members over for cake - super last minute. I'm not sure I gave people even 24 hours notice. The day was perfectly sunny and warm, and we hung out on our back deck for most of the party. Tyler has been doing a superb job of gardening, and it's so lovely to sit out there with all the leaves in bloom. I'm always begging to move during the winter, but when the weather warms up and we add an additional hundred square feet of living space onto our house, thoughts of selling go right out the window.

We have a lot of changes happening in our lives right now, and some days it feels a bit overwhelming. A lot of changes are good - but they are change none the less and that is sometimes hard in itself. This morning I literally could not decide what sweater to wear... I stood in front of my closet feeling the anxiety rising, and the thought of making just one little choice seemed too hard to manage. I finally snapped out of it, but felt really off for most of the morning. If my mind started in on some of my do-to lists, I felt panicked and frozen to do anything at all. I think some fresh air at lunch helped, and perhaps an extra large chocolate chip cookie, and some reminders to myself to relax. I don't even feel stressed about anything in particular, but I suppose sometimes it's just all the little things. I already know what I'm going to wear tomorrow, so hopefully I can start the day on a better note. Those sweaters... they can really be tough to decide on!

Soren's last day of preschool (daycare) is coming up at the end of the month. He's going to be starting at a french immersion nursery school in the fall, and he will be taking the bus! It seems a little crazy to imagine my little baby taking the bus anywhere, but I suppose we will all get used to it, and I'm really happy that he will be learning another language at such a young age. We are also planning our summer holidays, something I'm very much looking forward to. It will be amazing to have two whole weeks with my family, without packing lunches or rushing to work or staying up late doing laundry. We are taking a big road trip to the west coast, so it will be quite the adventure!

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