Sunday Fun - The Teddy Bears Picnic


Perfectly blue skies, bear ears, sharing suckers, and picnicking in the park. Hard to beat a day like today. I used to volunteer with the teddy bears picnic, and most years it rains. One year, the rain was so bad leading up to it that the ground was too wet to hold down the tent spikes. On the eve of the big event, something like eleven tents came down! Needless to say, I'm sure today's event was close to record-breaking. People were swarming into the park with bears, or elephants, in tow - waiting to get them checked out by the doctors and nurses. Soren's elephant had a broken foot, and we saw triage, an x-ray technician, and finally got the cast set.

As much fun as the official event is, we enjoyed finding a quiet corner to eat our pancakes. The sun was shining down on us through the tree branches, and we had a perfect vantage point for people watching. After polishing off the pancakes we ventured over to the lyric theatre to watch some kids perform their dance routines. I don't know how Tyler and I will handle it if Poppy is ever up there in a recital... the little ones are SO CUTE - especially in their little leotards. Who knows, maybe Soren will become our little dancer.

Our weekends always fly by, but this one was a little longer for me as Poppy was sick on friday morning. In exchange for being up with her from 2am-6am, as she threw up, I got a three-day long weekend! That seems like a win in my books, especially since I got a lot of extra cuddles from miss Pop. She recovered pretty quickly, thankfully, and was pretty much back to normal by saturday. The only thing 'off' was her napping... and that was mostly my fault since we were out and about enjoying the spring days. Hopefully tonight is a full nights sleep for everyone, and tomorrow it's back to the grind. In a good way - as much as I looove the weekends, lots of great things happen during the week, too. Like soccer tomorrow night. Soren's improved about a million percent since he had a rough start, and it's so much fun to cheer him on. hashtag soccer mom!

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