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Poppy is a bottomless pit. She eats her meals, and then proceeds to ask 'up' to every adult at the table and eat off their plates. Then, when you would think she's full, she spies Soren's empty spot and climbs up to help herself. Apparently its the same thing at her daycare, we are always being told that she eats the other kids food. I'm never sure what to do... pack more? Her lunches are already twice the size of Soren's... to pack in more food I would literally have to get a bigger lunch kit.

It should come as no surprise then, when we stopped for a bite of frozen yogurt on sunday morning, and Poppy ate more than her fair share.  I bought Soren a kids cone and Poppy a kids cup - mainly because I was trying to keep her clean. She polished off her cup in no time at all, and then cozied up to her big brother to share his cone. He's so sweet with her... I would be hoarding it for myself, but he patiently alternates bites - reminding her to say 'please' between each one. She has hit the jackpot in the big brother category, that is for sure.

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