May long weekend equals terrible weather


Despite the dreary weather today, we had a fabulous day! Yesterday, realizing that the weather was going to be truly awful, I had the idea to go to Pine Ridge Hollow for brunch. This morning we grabbed our (one) umbrella, and headed out of the city. The rain poured down, but Poppy and Soren kept us entertained by singing funny verses of 'the wheels on the bus' in the car.

I've wanted to go to Pine Ridge Hollow for years, but somehow have never made it. It did not disappoint! The store attached sold beautiful country furniture, decorated with cozy blankets and colourful throw pillows. There were a lot of bird figures, which kept our little bird lover (Poppy) very happy. And the clothes! I am planning a trip back sans kiddos, so I can really look around. It's pretty much impossible to shop in a boutique, when you are chasing your kids and praying that they don't break anything.

After pushing our luck in the store, we made our way to the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely brunch. I had an egg scramble, while looking longingly at the massive cinnamon buns that kept coming out of the kitchen. Today is day 22 (or 23?!) of my Whole 30 program, but if it was any other day I would have treated myself to delicious cinnamony goodness. I just love cinnamon buns.

On the way back to the car we decided to run (I was actually thinking this was exercise), and we had fun chasing each other through the woods. Poppy was completely exhausted and fell asleep before we hit the highway. Once we arrived home, we all lay down for a little rest. Originally I had envisioned our long weekend at the beach, or picnicking outside. Sometimes rainy days/week-ends are refreshing, in the sense that you don't feel guilty about not doing enough. When it's raining sideways and the threat of snow looms... bed is a pretty perfect place to spend the afternoon.

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I LOVE your blog! It's honest, fresh, and inspiring! Keep up the good work.