I hate the whole 30


You may have heard of the whole 30 program, and after reading many articles and blog posts about it, I decided to give it a try. I'd also had some close friends try it, and loved it. I don't suffer from a lot of digestive issues or food intolerances, however I do have a slight sugar addiction, and knew that lately I'd been eating way too much of it. Plus, I've gained weight since I started back to work, and it's been driving me crazy when I agonize over what to wear each morning.

For a personal health challenge, I committed fully to the Whole 30 program, and stopped eating dairy, grains, and sugar. Day One was April 25th, and today marks eight days of clean eating. And I hate it. While I haven't had any major cravings for everything I used to eat, I just feel depressed. It seems sad to me to have to miss out on good foods - like homemade pizzas at my mother-in-laws birthday party on friday night. Feeding Poppy pieces of cheese, and not popping one in my mouth feels very strange. As does sitting next to a big display of cupcakes, knowing I will not be trying one.

For most of the past week, I have felt like Soren in the picture above, sad and unhappy. (Ironically, he was probably crying in this picture because we wanted him to try a bite of pizza.) Are there any positive changes? I'm happy to have cut out sugar from my diet. I know this will not be a permanent change, but I'm proud of myself for going 8 days sugar-free. I also have more sustained energy - less highs and lows like I'm used to. But that's pretty much it. I am not sleeping better, I don't feel like I have 'tiger blood' (but maybe that happens around day 16?), and I don't feel like I've lost any weight, although in keeping with the whole30 rules I have not weighed myself.

I don't want to give up, as I'm still hoping I start to feel all of the positive changes that whole 30-ers report. Also - Tyler loves it! He has been happy with all of the meals I have prepared, and while he's not doing the challenge himself, he has been very supportive of my efforts. He's even not drinking with me, and I know there have been times where a cold beer was exactly what he wanted.

There are a lot of things I miss - but peanut butter toast and bananas has got to be near the top of the list. That, and lattes! I've been drinking coffee black or with coconut milk, and it's just not the same. My friend, who just completed the whole 30 and loved it, sent me the whole30 timeline, and it's been really helpful. I read that most people who quit do so on day 10 or 11, so I really want to get over that hump. I need some fabulous whole30 recipes to keep me going, and maybe some new clothes as a 'treat' if I make it to the end!


Unknown said...

Just wondering if you finished and how the rest of your month went. I am on day 17. I am having a month of angry. I spent the 6 weeks prior to starting eating cutting gluten and sugar. So, that hasn't been a big thing. But, I'm just sick of salad and really want peanut butter on my celery...

Erika said...

Hi Charla! I did finish the month... although it was a struggle! I tried the Whole30 again a few months back but I made a few modifications, like milk in my coffee, which made the whole experience that much better for me. In the end, I did feel good, and I definitely noticed a change in my body. Good luck completing yours! Day 17 is almost near the end:)