My grandpa came over on Mothers Day, and Poppy wasted no time in grabbing a book and climbing into his lap. I'm so happy I made the decision to pick up my camera (Tyler's camera) and capture these special moments. At thirty-two years old, I only have one living grandparent - plus a bonus grandma (that's you - instagrandmmaa !!). It got me thinking about all the special times I've spent with my grandparents, and the special relationships between the generations.

As women my age are delaying having children, the lengths of grandparent relationships are shrinking. I couldn't imagine if I had kids at age 20, like so many women did a generation or two before me. Being a grandma at forty wouldn't have been abnormal, and today many people are having their first child as they near their fortieth birthdays!

As I watched the two of them reading, I thought back to what types of books he must have read to my mom, in the fifties. Did all of the children clamour in his lap to read together? Did my mom point excitedly to pictures of animals, just like Poppy? It's so amazing to watch the circle of life happen right in front of you. One day Poppy will be grown, and have children and grandchildren of her own (which is totally mind-boggling).

Poppy and Soren are fortunate to have all four grandparents living within a ten-minute drive from us. We see them frequently, and they love their grandparents to pieces. They are developing stronger relationships every day, and the joy that they bring to each other is so special to watch. When older people stop us in the grocery store to say hi to the kids, I always try to take some extra time to chat, and encourage the kids to do the same. I know they can bring a smile to people's faces - people whose own children may live around the world, or who may be going through hard times. In addition - the older generations have so much to teach these little ones! I want Soren and Poppy to be comfortable talking with people of all ages, and so far I think they are off to a good start.

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