The best of friends


I'm not sure if it is the change in weather or what, but these two are inseparable these days. The first thing Poppy does every morning is run into Soren's bed and cuddle with him, or jump on him and wake him up - which he never seems to mind. Soren tells Poppy numerous times a day, 'I love you cutie-Pop', and 'you're the cutest baby in the world'. It is adorable. 

Soren never really had any issues with Poppy when she arrived on the scene, but he wasn't super interested in her for the first few months. It took a little while for him to start including her in his family stories, but now she's the first person he talks about. He tells her everything that they are doing... 'We are going to GRANDMA'S tomorrow, baby Pop. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Aren't you excited, Pop-bop?' 

They hold hands in the car, they share their food, and they hug and kiss whenever they are going to be separated. If Poppy is doing something dangerous or 'wrong', Soren is really concerned. 'MOMMY! Pop has the dog food and she's putting it in her mouth!!! She's not supposed to do that!' I seriously find myself smiling all day when I am around these two - between Soren's non-stop chatter and Pop's dare-devil attitude. She is up for anything, that one. And Soren will talk about it for days.

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