Fun at Shelmerdines - part two


No kid filled morning is complete without a snack, right? Not for these two, that's for sure. While Soren will barely eat meals these days, he is always up for a snack. After colouring and planting sunflower seeds, we settled in for a little snack. They were serving the cutest little bunny boxes, filled with bunny shaped pbj sandwiches, carrot sticks, and juice, but Soren only wanted a cookie. And once he has something, that is the ONLY thing Poppy will possibly want. So cookies it was.

As we were eating, our friend Allysa came by and asked if the kids wanted to help her feed the fish. We were up for it, and I think little boys must have some sort of radar when it comes to this sort of thing. Within seconds of arriving at the pond, we had a following of little guys just dying to grab handfuls of fish food. I'm pretty sure the fish won't need more food for at least a week... the 'small' handfuls they were supposed to grab were not exactly small.

Shelmerdine's has so many great family activities throughout the year. We love strolling through the greenhouses in the spring, buying our christmas tree in december, and checking out the clothing store throughout the year. The kids always have fun, and if I have a free morning I know we'll have a good time there.

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