A kid filled morning - part 1


I'm back! Nashville was fun, but I was thrilled to wake up this morning in my own bed, and with an entire day ahead of me to spend with my babes. Poppy wakes up and calls 'All done' from her crib, which is a pretty good alarm clock I must say. Here's how the our morning went...

1 - wow - mommy is going to buy us A LOT of toys, Poppy! .

2 - is that an old fashioned person?

3 - come on!

4 - no thanks, i just want to play with these playdoh toys. by myself. Nope, I'm NOT SHARING.

5 - fine. i'll just stay at this colouring table all morning.

6 - oh sure, i'll plant a sunflower. but just quickly, and then i'm going back to the playdoh table. i sure hope no kids take the toy i'm playing with... because i'm NOT SHARING. (the toy was obviously taken, which caused tears.)

7 - ok, ok. i'll leave the colouring table if you let me colour on the floor.

8 - Poppy! come on in this bouncy castle! come on, come on. it's fun, Poppy! Mommy - why won't she come in?

I think she was already heading for a snack... coming up in part two... stay tuned!

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