When do you know how many kids are 'enough'?


I look at these two beautiful babies, and I wonder how a third baby would fit into our family. Would we have enough time/love for three kids? Would we have enough time for each other? (Especially since it feels like we barely have any time together now...) Would it be good for Soren and Poppy?

It seems to be a pretty common question that arises at the grocery store, at a cocktail party, even at work. I mention I have two kids, and the inevitable next question is - do you plan to have more? And I just don't know... My husband is firmly rooted in the NO category. He thinks two is just perfect, and alot of work! I am not nearly as definitive as he is. Somedays I think that three would be a nice number... and other days I'm totally fine with having two. I almost wrote - 'just two', but I don't think that's an accurate sentance. I don't feel like two kids should be preceded by JUST two. Two is a lot, and it is a number that is currently working for our family.

When I see families with three or more children, I get a happy feeling and think that we could have more. Then I'll see a family of four - when the children are older and more independant, and I'll think how nice that will be! Family vacations where Poppy and I go shopping while Tyler and Soren check out a museum. Where we each have lots of one on one time with our kids, alone. Growing up in big families, Tyler and I didn't get a ton of parent alone time. However, I remember going to friends houses when I was young, and thinking their houses seemed so quiet if there were only one or two kids. My house was always loud, and busy. I somewhat equate that to a 'happy family'.

I wonder if I will ever feel certain about this decision. Will there come a day where I firmly realize that I will never have another baby? Or will I always kind of think, 'maybe it would be nice'. At this point I don't have a burning desire to expand our family, and since I am neutral and my husband is not, I think that puts us in the two kids camp. But I still wonder... 

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