Weekend Style and a photobomber


While it doesn't really look like it in these photos, the weather this weekend was gorgeous. These pictures were taken on saturday morning, and now on sunday night almost everything has melted. I took advantage of the warm weather to dress Poppy up in some spring clothes. At first she was a little hesitant to walk on the ground -  I suppose she doesn't remember stepping on pavement, or grass, from last fall. While she explored, Soren took the opportunity to climb into 'his' stroller. I think his stroller days are numbered, as is evident by his feet sticking wayyyy out:) Silly guy.

This weekend was a success, as most of them tend to be, and we managed to do a lot. We hit up two playgrounds, celebrated an engagement, had brunch with friends, and started our daunting spring cleaning to-do list. I stick to most of the indoor tasks, such as washing our pillows, while Tyler handles the outdoor duties. Unfortunately this includes dog waste removal - which seems to me as one of the worst parts of owning a pet. I'll happy stick with the indoor chores.

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