We survived my week away!


Last week I said goodbye to my babies and flew hundreds of miles away... to sunshine and palm trees and very hot coffee. Nope, I wasn't on vacation - I was on a business trip to Orlando. When I heard about the trip a couple months back, I was nervous. I would be away for SIX whole nights, which seemed entirely too long. I tried to convince my husband to come with me, and look after the kids, but he wasn't interested. As the trip drew nearer I became more and more worried - at one point I even imagined not getting on the plane. 'I'll just quit!', I thought to myself. And then the day arrived, and no tears were shed, and I got on the plane. And we managed. More than managed, I'd say. I think everyone had a pretty good week.

While I obviously missed the kids, it was really nice to enjoy some time by myself. My work schedule was pretty full, but I carved out a little time to sit by the pool. My husband thought I would be more tanned when I came home, based on the Orlando temperatures and my instagram pics. What you can't tell in a little instagram shot is the fact that it was 5pm, or that I only managed 20 minutes outside before needing to go to a dinner meeting. Tan or not, those few minutes in the sun felt amazing after a long winter.

The night before I left we loaded up on easy meals at Costco, hence the photo of the two babes in a cart. As I normally make lunches, I wanted to be sure Tyler had some quick things to throw together. I picked out all of Poppy's outfits for the week, and made little 'packages' secured with headbands. Each bundle contained everything she would need for the day - socks and accessories included. The house was pretty clean and the fridge was stocked, and several friends and family were 'on-call' in case Tyler needed anything. And my super-husband did it all. He didn't even complain! If the situation were reversed, I would most definitely have been calling him and whining about what a tough week I was having. He honestly never complained about anything - except perhaps for the first night when poor Poppy lost her soother. A quick trip to the drugstore the next day sorted that out.

I came home on friday and had a wonderful reunion with everyone. I kind of feel like I've crashed now, though. My energy is completely gone, and to make matters worse both kids are now sick. I had to put laundry and cleaning on hold yesterday, all I could do was hold Poppy. Maybe she needed to make up for the week of missed cuddles, and I think that's exactly what I needed, too.

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