Sunday Coffee


We had a rare day at home yesterday, as in we didn't leave the house for the entire day. This morning I wanted to get out and do something, although the weather was a little too cool for anything outdoors. I asked Soren if he wanted to go out for coffee, and I wish I could have recorded his answer:

'Well - I'd really like to, Mommy. But the thing is... Daddy and I just have to build this lego truck. I'm so sorry, I'd really like to go out for coffee but I just can't.' Imagine a lot of hand gestures and theatrics. 

Luckily I was able to convince him that building the lego truck could wait until after we got home, and we put on our coats. At little sister coffee co, we all enjoyed our coffees, Soren studied his hockey cards, and then the kids pretended that the chair base was a dog kennel. Perhaps the dog next to us inspired this imaginative play. These two are quite entertaining these days... 

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