Filling your boots with rocks


We went to the park last sunday - taking care to choose one that looked pretty dry. The weather has been fantastic lately, but some areas are still pretty muddy. The kids are so excited to be able to play outside. It's like an entire new world opens up to us... no more fussy whiny periods stuck indoors; as soon as a whine is heard we pull them outside and poof! It's like fresh air has magic baby powers. It can cure crying, hunger, tantrums, boredom... the list goes on and on.

Tonight Soren announced to me that he has two friends. One - the boy he met at the park last weekend, and the other is a little boy at preschool who he's become inseparable from. How amazing is it that 50% of his friend group was made by a casual meet-up on a play structure? This little guy was pretty funny I must say, when we eventually had to leave he gave Soren a big hug - totally unprompted. The two of them had a blast filling their boots with rocks and watching them go down the slide. Kids sure do not ask for a lot.

Poppy was a tiny bit unsure of her new footing, she specifically didn't like walking through little pebbles. But once she got on solid grass she was off like a rocket! She ran up and down, chasing a little boy flying a kite. She also loves slides, although this red one was a tad too big for her liking. We are going to have a good spring this year.

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